December 2014 - 

First Adjuvance seminar in the new premises rue de Bellefond in the 9th arrondissement of Paris

November 2014 - 

Smartbox comes back to us with a new research on its new catalogs

October 2014 - 

Adjuvance comes in Ateliers de l’ANAH in Paris on the theme of “seniors and Habitat”


September 2014 - 

Now Adjuvance has 30% of its sales abroad

September 2014 - 

Adjuvance continues its partnership with the Armor Group (Office Printing department) to investigate the German market B to B

July 2014 - 

A new reference in the Group 3 Suisses: Helline, women’s clothing and decor

January 2014 - 

Adjuvance strengthens its links with the group 3 SUISSES by carrying out a brand audit and strategic accompaniment for the trademark Vitrine Magique

December 2013 - 

Richard Lazareth joins ISCOM as a lecturer in “Market Research & Social Trends”.

November 2013 - 

Adjuvance wins once more the coloration research contract for the apple brand Pink Lady. International research in Germany, Denmark and Thailand.