January 2016 - 

Adjuvance win two competitions for Ubisoft USA

November 2015 - 

Adjuvance win a research budget for Aqualung

October 2015 - 

Armor Office Printing for a quantitative research on a new product

September 2015 - 

Adjuvance relaunches the Collaborative Factory in partnership with Dentsu-Aegis group

July 2015 - 

Adjuvance accompanies the young brand of ready-to-wear “gypset” Voriagh

June 2015 - 

Official launch of Retail Tactic Solution (RTS). Our Joint-Venture with Parabellum Geographic Insight agency

May 2015 - 

Blanche Porte Research / 3 Suisses Group on the new web-clients

February 2015 - 

The ADP-GSI France group comes back with new innovative problematics on the BPaaS

January 2015 - 

The Thom Europe group continues investigating the European market with Adjuvance